How to apply

In order to apply, you should complete the online application form. Please note to fill in the completed application form at least 9 weeks before the beginning of your project. Please consult these guidance notes for information before completing the application. 

Users are warmly encouraged to interact directly with the PIs (user group leader) of the facilities during the preparation of TNA proposals and before their submission to verify details of access, address practicalities and explore.

The TNA proposal must be submitted either via ACTRIS PASS (Platform for managing user access to ACTRIS ServiceS). For any other questions or for assistance, do not hesitate to contact the ACTRIS TNA Team at actris-imp-tna

Evaluation and selection

The proposal undergoes a multi-stage review procedure which includes the following steps:

  1. Validation by SAMU for eligibility
  2. Validation by the access provider (feasibility check)
  3. Review and selection by independent review panel

The review panel will evaluate and select the applications according to the defined criteria and access modes, which comprise:

  • Scientific excellence criteria including scientific originality, quality, state of the art, technical aspects for instrument performance and high quality, relevance and impact of the project, dissemination plan, etc.
  • Technical need-driven criteria for increasing instrument performance (maintenance, calibration, QA) and operator training.

Additional aspects will be considered:

  • Only projects focusing on the following aspects:
    • technological development, training, forefront scientific exploration, or new services developed/made available according to evolving user needs,
    • projects with high potential for involving users from the private sector for prototype testing, joint developments, and industrial applications, and
    • projects attracting new users from new/relevant regions, other scientific domains for multi-disciplinary applications, or tailored user services.
  • Priority is given to new users and users in countries where no equivalent facility exists.
    • Gender equality will be promoted.
  • Particular user profiles are strongly encouraged:
    • users from non-academic domains: private sector, public services (e.g., environmental agencies, climate and space services);
    • users from environmental or other domains to promote cross-disciplinary research;
    • users from new regions/countries;
    • early-career researchers or researchers from less-favored regions or users requesting training and educational services (particularly from those outside the EU);

User obligations

The PI is requested to provide all mandatory TNA reporting documents within a reasonable time frame after the TNA has come to end to the SAMU including the following documents:

The users are requested to acknowledge i) the project and support of the European Community, and ii) the use of the ACTRIS facility and contribution of the facility staff for any results from the work carried out under the ACTRIS IMP TNA activity (publications, conference contributions, etc.).  The acknowledgement shall include the following statement:

“This [insert type of result] is part of a project that is supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Programme, H2020-INFRADEV-2019-2, Grant Agreement number: 871115.”

Furthermore, the users are required to make the data resulting from this TNA project available to the ACTRIS Data Centre


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