Vision & Mission

Our Vision

ACTRIS is the fundamental European Research Infrastructure for short-lived atmospheric constituents increasing the excellence in Earth system observation and research and providing information and knowledge for developing sustainable solutions to societal needs. 


Our Mission

ACTRIS shall establish, operate, and develop a pan-European distributed research infrastructure for short-lived atmospheric constituents. ACTRIS shall provide effective access for a wide user community to its resources and services, in order to facilitate high-quality Earth system research.



Our primary goal is to produce high-quality integrated datasets in the area of atmospheric sciences and provide services, including access to instrumented platforms, tailored for scientific and technological usage.

We provide:

  • information on the composition and variability and of the physical, optical and chemical properties of short-lived atmospheric constituents, from the surface throughout the troposphere to the stratosphere, with the required level of precision, coherence, and integration;
  • information and understanding of the atmospheric processes driving the formation, transformation, and removal of short-lived atmospheric constituents;
  • coordinated open physical and remote access to National Facilities for effective scientific, technological, and innovative use of ACTRIS tools and services for a wide range of users;
  • efficient open access to ACTRIS data and services and the means to effectively use our products;
  • access to enhanced data quality and state-of.the-art technology;
  • training for operators and users and enhancedlinkage between research, education, and innovation in the field of atmospheric science.




Our story

ACTRIS builds on previous efforts, such as EARLINET, EUSAAR/CREATE and CLOUDNET, and thus integrates several atmospheric science communities in Europe into one coherent RI, making ACTRIS the largest atmospheric RI in size, covering most of the atmospheric observations and experiments, and providing the broadest set of atmospheric variables in the atmospheric RI domain.


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