ACTRIS ERIC Governance

The legal entity ACTRIS ERIC coordinates and operates ACTRIS as a distributed research infrastructure by providing the coordination, integration, development, monitoring of ACTRIS, and steering the strategic and financial development as well as the long-term sustainability of ACTRIS. 



ACTRIS Member Countries

ACTRIS is a distributed research infrastructure, which means the core functions and operations, including their funding, are shared and distributed among the member countries.

ACTRIS is an intergovernmental organization that receives funding from its Member and Observer countries through annual membership contributions and through host contributions towards specific facilities in ACTRIS.













  • The Director General is the legal representative of the ACTRIS ERIC, overseeing and coordinating ACTRIS activities, and responsible for the implementation of the decisions by the General Assembly. 
  • The Director General ensures the scientific and strategic development of ACTRIS, to meet the expectations on socio-economic impact, technology development, and innovation, actively fostering community building, external relations, and strategic development.
  • The Interim ACTRIS ERIC Director General is Eija Juurola.
  • The Central Facility leaders have a key role in the leadership and management of the distributed research infrastructure.
  • They coordinate and manage the activities in the Central Facilities, but they should also act as an interface between the Central Facility Units and staff and the Director General.
  • Together with the Director General they represent ACTRIS and support the Director General in their field of expertise.
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  • Heads of Units will lead and manage the different units of the Central Facilities, and act as an interface with the community and users taking care that ACTRIS activities are run according to ACTRIS rules.
  • In addition to the operative tasks, they support the Central Facility leader, e.g. in annual planning and reporting.
  • National Facility PIs have an official role in ACTRIS, taking care of ACTRIS observational and experimental platforms. Thus, concerning the responsibilities towards ACTRIS, they are not acting only as the PI of their host institution.
  • Similarly, as the Heads of Units, they act as interfaces towards the ACTRIS community and to the users.
  • They act as a link between the platform and the Central Facilities and represent the facility in the National Facility Assembly.
  • The PIs need to ensure that the data is produced according to ACTRIS rules.
  • The National Contact Person acts as a key interface between the national ACTRIS consortia and the European-level ACTRIS.
  • The National Contact Person of a member or observer country must be recognized and supported by its ACTRIS scientific community.
  • The National Contact Person is expected to be responsible for organizing the coordination of the ACTRIS community at the national level
  • The National Contact Person should be responsible for ensuring proper dissemination and information flow from European-level ACTRIS activities to the national science communities and to the relevant national shareholders.
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