ACTRIS Stakeholders

Our stakeholders originate from academia, public and private-non-profit research organisations, business, industry and public services, other non-profit organisations and citizen, from ACTRIS member countries as well as from countries which are not ACTRIS members, inside and outside Europe.

ACTRIS has developed a specific value proposition for each of these communities to ensure that services are positioned around what the users’ value and need.

ACTRIS targets

  • various user communities world-wide, comprising researchers from atmospheric sciences, environmental sciences and other neighbouring fields (hydro-marine, bio-ecosystem, geosciences, space physics, energy, health, and food domain);
  • operational and climate services, National weather services, space agencies, national and regional air quality monitoring networks, environmental protection agencies;
  • instrument manufacturers and sensor industries;
  • policy makers and local, regional, and national authorities.
ACTRIS Stakeholders



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