The atmosphere is a highly complex system driven by countless chemical and physical processes. Atmospheric process understanding and predictions use complex models that are underpinned by observations. Without high-quality observation data to constrain predictive models, any forecast of the atmosphere is highly unreliable. 

ACTRIS contributes:

  • to reducing uncertainties in emission sources, to understanding deposition processes that remove short-lived constituents from the atmosphere and to quantify their potential impacts on ecosystems.
  • by bringing essential information for understanding global biogeochemical interactions between the atmosphere and ecosystems, and how climate-ecosystem feedback loops may change atmospheric composition in the future.
  • by supporting the development of the required level of understanding of sources of the air pollutants that negatively affect human health.
  • with the necessary observations to complement Earth Observations from space, providing unique ground-truthing of remote sensing information collected by current and future satellite missions.

ACTRIS helps responding to the grand-challenges faced nowadays by our society: ACTRIS enables a deeper understanding in atmospheric processes, improving our resiliency to climate change, and air quality, contributing to reduce the effects of air pollution on public health and ecosystems

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What do we offer?

We offer access to high-quality long-term atmospheric data through a single entry point and to our state-of-the-art facilities. ACTRIS develops new technologies and algorithms for monitoring activities relevant for climate and air quality models, satellite retrievals and forecast systems, serving a vast community of users working in research, space agencies, operational services, public and private sectors. ACTRIS facilitates the integration of the community around common strategic objectives, which will bring the economy of scale and harmonious development of the Infrastructure, including the user's needs. 

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