17 May 2024

The ACTRIS Science Conference 2024 recently held its inaugural physical edition, marking a significant milestone in atmospheric science.

Here are some highlights and insights from the successful first edition of the conference.

A wide turnout


The ACTRIS Science Conference 2024 brought together 350 people at the Couvent des Jacobins. For 4 days, Rennes hosted this unique first physical edition of this major conference. Structured around 5 themes, the event made it possible to approach atmospheric sciences from a multidisciplinary angle. The conference saw robust participation from researchers, scientists, and the private sector. This wide turnout underscored the importance of studying aerosols, clouds, and trace gases and their impacts on climate and air quality.

Diversity of key topics


A broad range of topics was covered, including the latest findings in aerosol research, cloud formation processes, trace gas measurements, and the development of new observational and modeling techniques. This diversity facilitated rich interdisciplinary discussions.

Collaborative opportunities


The conference exhibition provided a platform for fostering collaboration among research institutions and between academia and industry. The exhibition counted 15 exhibitors from the instrument manufacturing and sensor industry across Europe and the USA. 

Interactive sessions

interactive sessions

A total of 115 oral presentations took place during the conference. The inclusion of poster sessions allowed for active engagement among participants. Nearly 200 posters were displayed during the two poster sessions, highlighting the work of researchers and promoting dialogue and meetings between scientists. 



The ACTRIS Science Conference 2024 Sponsors and Exhibitors were key in funding this event and granting sponsorships to 24 students.


Looking Ahead

The success of the ACTRIS Science Conference 2024 sets a promising precedent for future editions. Organizers are already planning for the next conference, with goals to expand participation, include more diverse topics, and attract a more global audience. The continued success of the ACTRIS Science Conference is poised to significantly contribute to the advancement of atmospheric science and its applications in addressing global environmental challenges.
In conclusion, the first edition of the ACTRIS Science Conference was a resounding success, achieving its goals of fostering collaboration, enhancing knowledge sharing, and setting the stage for future research and developments in atmospheric science.

Pictures of the event can be found here:
© Elodie Burrillon