ESFRI 2021 Landmark
07 Dec 2021

Αfter a two-year-long process of work by a great number of scientists and ESFRI delegates, a new ESFRI Roadmap has been published. On December 7th, 2021, ESFRI acknowledged ACTRIS with the ESFRI Landmarks status as a result of the successful submission of the ERIC Step2 application by 13 Member States. Obtaining the Landmark status means that ACTRIS  is now recognized as a major element of competitiveness of the European Research Area. This is another important milestone for ACTRIS! 

ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, is a strategic instrument to develop the scientific integration of Europe and to strengthen its international outreach. 

You can read find the ESFRI 2021 Roadmap here: