01 Feb
16 Apr

ECMWF’s Summer of Weather Code (ESoWC) has launched its fourth edition.

The project aims to bring together teams to solve technical challenges and to work on innovative weather-, climate- and atmosphere-related open-source software solutions.

At the core of ESoWC is the provision of innovative solutions as well as attracting external expertise and new talents. The application period is now open until 16 April 2021 and the selected teams for the coding phase will be announced at end of April. ESoWC’s coding phase between May and the end of August is an intense and fruitful collaboration among mentors and developers, leading to a mutual learning experience. The coding phase is the highlight of ESoWC. During this time, the initial proposals are implemented into feasible software developments and innovations.

After the coding period, provided that all milestones and deliverables are fulfilled, the developers will receive a stipend of £5,000. The presentation of the final results will be a virtual event, the Final ESoWC Day (on 29 September 2021).


Deadline for applications: 16 April 2021