ACTRIS operations are coordinated by ACTRIS ERIC, a specific legal entity for European Research Infrastructures created by the European Commission.

ACTRIS ERIC is one of the 27 currently existing ERICs and its statutory seat is in Helsinki, Finland, with one unit located in Italy.

ACTRIS ERIC consists of the Head Office, providing coordination and leadership to the coordinating to the research infrastructure's operations, and the Data Centre, collecting and distributing ACTRIS data and digital tools, as well as of Director General, General Assembly, Financial Committee, Scientific and Innovation Advisory Board and Ethical Advisory Boards.

Detailed descriptions of the tasks of the governance bodies are described in the ACTRIS statutes, and in the Technical and Scientific Description of ACTRIS ERIC.

ACTRIS ERIC Governance


Director General


The Director General (DG) is the legal representative of the ACTRIS ERIC, overseeing and coordinating ACTRIS activities, and responsible for the implementation of the decisions by the General Assembly. The DG ensures the scientific and strategic development of ACTRIS, to meet the expectations on socioeconomic impacts, technology development and innovation, actively fostering community building, external relations, and strategic partnerships.


General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body of ACTRIS ERIC. It is composed of representatives of the Member and Observer countries of ACTRIS ERIC.

Members of the ACTRIS General Assembly

Chair: Jean-Marie Flaud

Vice-Chair: Gelsomina Pappalardo

Country Name Role 
Austria Karolina Begusch-Pfefferkorn Delegate
  Jochen Wagner Permanent Expert
  Elke Ludewig Permanent Expert
Belgium Aline van der Werf Delegate
  Bart Dils Delegate
Bulgaria Kalin Mutavchiev Delegate
  Tanja Dreischuh Delegate
  Christo Angelov Permanent Expert
Czech Republic Zdimal Vladimir Delegate
  Jan Svehla Delegate
Cyprus Michalis Mouskos Delegate
  Chrysanthos Savvides Delegate
  Matheos Papadakis Permanent Expert
  Christos Papadopoulos Permanent Expert
Denmark Mads Rugaard Christensen Delegate
Finland Petteri Kauppinen Delegate
  Hannele Korhonen Delegate
  Tuukka Petäjä Permanent Expert
France   Delegate
  Jean-Francois Doussin Delegate
  Stephane Sauvage Permanent Expert
  Sabine Philippin Permanent Expert
Germany Jonas Esche Delegate
  Jochen Elberskirch Delegate
  Christian Plaß-Dülmer Permanent Expert
  Marcel Langer  Permanent Expert
Italy Mauro Bertelletti Delegate
  Gelsomina Pappalardo



  Carmela Cornacchia Permanent Expert
  Lucia Mona Permanent Expert
Netherlands Arnoud Apituley Delegate
  Barbara Dammers Permanent Expert
Norway Odd Ivar Eriksen  Delegate
  Cathrine Lund Myhre Permanent Expert
  Kjetil Tørseth Permanent Expert
Poland Michał Rybiński  Delegate
  Iwona Stachlewska Delegate
  Alek Piertruczuk  Permanent Expert
  Mariola Jabłońska Permanent Expert
Romania Viorel Vulturescu Delegate
  Beatrice Păduroiu Delegate
  Doina Nicolae Delegate
  Jeni Vasilescu Permanent Expert
  Livio Belegante Permanent Expert
Spain María Vallejo Abascal Delegate
  Adolfo Comerón Permanent Expert
  Lucas Alados Arboledas Permanent Expert
Sweden Sara Moa Delegate
  Magnus Friberg Delegate
  Ulf Jonsell Delegate
  Erik Swietlicki  Permanent Expert
Switzerland Maarten Lupker Delegate
  Martin Gysel-Beer Permanent Expert
  Stefan Reimann Permanent Expert

    Last updated: 19.02.2024