ACTRIS offers ministries, decion-making bodies and funding organizations:

  • optimization of national investments in research infrastructures; 
  • better value for money via the pan-European dimension and coordinated access to data and services, assuring an efficient use of the research infrastructure resources;
  • improved efficiency of operation and coordination among the European research institutions avoiding the duplication and fragmentation of research efforts; and
  • internationalization of local areas in which National Facilitiess are located increasing their attractiveness being part of pan-European Reseach Infrastructure.


ACTRIS offers policy makers:

  • support for policy-driven networks established under EU-directives and UN-directives (local and European air-quality networks);
  • evaluation of environmental (Air Quality and Climate) policies in relation to regulation strategies and emission abatement through direct evaluation of atmospheric trends at regional / European scale;
  • recommendations regarding environmental issues by provision of high-quality and long-term data for predicting climate scenarios from local and regional up to national and international level;
  • support to atmospheric hazard management and risk mitigation via the knowledge base of ACTRIS expert teams and monitoring of extreme atmospheric events.