aeronet ws 2023
28 May 2023

The main actors of the AERONET network met during a technical workshop organized at the LOA, University of Lille, by the PHOTONS National Observation Service. This workshop was coupled with the GRASP-ACE workshop and summer school also organized on the campus on the University of Lille. These two events were a great opportunity for the aerosol remote sensing community to meet and celebrate the 30 years of the AERONET. It was held on the premises of the LOA and brought together ~50 academic and private partners, including around forty face-to-face from the USA, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, China, and Taiwan. 

Aeronet workshop, lille, 2023

This workshop was an opportunity to meet the new NASA AERONET leaders, Dr. Elena Lind and Dr. Pawan Gupta, and to thank Dr. Brent Holben for his major contribution to the development of the network that many of you use today. Talks from Hal Maring (NAS HQ.) and Paolo Laj (scientific chair of ACTRIS) were an opportunity to recall the path traveled over the past 30 years (AERONET has celebrating its 30th anniversary in May 2023), to inform the community of the efforts of European construction and structuring within the framework of the Centre for Aerosol Remote Sensing (CARS) of ACTRIS, and prepare for future developments.

Contact : Philippe.