04 Jun 2024

ACTRIS ERIC officially joined the ERIC Forum, marking a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to enhancing research infrastructure and collaboration within Europe. The announcement was made during a meeting between ExBo Chair Antje Keppler (in the picture on the right side) and ACTRIS ERIC Director General Eija Juurola (in the picture on the left side), who celebrated the signing of the ERIC Forum Memorandum of Understanding.

The ERIC Forum is a collaborative platform that brings together European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERICs). It aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and experiences among its members, thereby enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of research infrastructures across Europe. The Forum plays a crucial role in supporting the implementation of EU policies and addressing major societal challenges through coordinated research and innovation efforts.

“Joining the ERIC Forum marks a significant milestone for ACTRIS ERIC,” said Director General Eija Juurola,  “This collaboration fosters best practices and strengthens our collective efforts to address shared challenges.”

By expanding its community and fostering collaborations, ACTRIS and the ERIC Forum underscore their leadership in addressing Europe’s research and innovation challenges across various scientific fields. ExBo Chair Antje Keppler noted, “ERICs combine their missions with addressing big challenges and serving as implementers of EU policy objectives.”

This partnership will undoubtedly enhance collective capabilities in Earth system observation and research, providing essential information and knowledge for sustainable solutions to societal needs.