ACTRIS DC Workshop in Potenza
07 Jun 2023

The annual workshop organized by ACTRIS Data Centre was hosted by CNR in Potenza, Italy, during June 5-7, 2023.

The workshop gathered around 23 people from all Data Centre units and was a great success, with lots of good discussions and an active and competent team.

The workshop was led by Cathrine Lund Myhre, the leader of the ACTRIS Data Centre and ACTRIS-Norway, and the main topics were the definition of the new ACTRIS Data Portal, implementation of DOI and landing pages, vocabulary and development of interface and tools for monitoring user statistics and data provision. 

After many years of collaboration, the Data Centre finally visited CNR in Potenza, which is part of the DVAS, ASC and ARES DC units.

Big thanks to Lucia Mona and the CNR team for hosting the workshop, organizing a tour of all their instruments and showing us the beautiful area and food!


Richard Rud (NILU) demonstrated the ACTRIS Rest API during the session on the new ACTRIS Data Portal.

Lucia Mona (CNR) and Michail Mytilinaios (CNR) explain the instruments at CNR.

The Data Centre team outside restaurant Dimora Giorni for the workshop dinner.