14 Jun
14 Jun

The 16th Interim ACTRIS Council meeting (IAC16) shall be held as a one-day meeting on Monday 14 June 2021. 

IAC16 will include four sessions with a duration of 1.5 -2 h. Here are the preliminary session times given in CEST: 

•    08:00-08:30 joining 
•    08:30–10:30 Session I (2 h ) 
•    11:00–12:30 Session II (1.5 h) 
•    13:30–15:00 Session III (1,5 h)
•    15:30–17:00 Session IV (1.5 h)

Please, remember to register for the IAC16 meeting latest on Monday 7 June. Go to the registration form here.

Meeting material is available for the IAC representatives and Scientific Advisors in the ACTRIS intranet: click here

Those meeting participants not having access to the intranet can access the material via password protected link using this link(Note: the password was shared via IAC mailing list and to NCPs on Monday 24th May 2021).

Contact person: Paivi Haapanala (