08 Mar 2024

On the 6th to 8th of March, the Warsaw Observatory Station took advantage of the Closing Conference of the CoMobility project to widely advertise the ACTRIS within the scientific community from a non-atmospheric domain.

On Thursday (7th of March), Iwona Stachlewska, as one of the invited experts, took part in a discussion panel dedicated to the data sources (oryginal title: "Źródła danych w perspektywie władz lokalnych, obywateli i naukowców"), where she was representing ACTRIS-Poland consortium. She talked about the implemented open data policy and the real impact of the research on the development of EU regulations regarding air quality standards. Iwona Stachlewska stressed the significance of ACTRIS in offering opportunities for collaboration in the development of both science and society. Additionally, she made it clear that individual consortium members are partners, not competitors. 

In addition, as one of the accompanying evens, the conference program also included a visit to the ACTRIS Warsaw Observatory Station at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, which took place on the 8th March 2024 when Iwona Stachlewska and Dominika Szczepanik guided the participants through the station and showed them scientific equipment. A lively discussion during the visit indicated a growing interest in ACTRIS-ERIC activities.

ACTRIS: Bridging Scientific Communities Beyond Atmospheric Research
 Discussion panel concerning the data sources during the CoMobility project.