12 Dec 2020

EC2020 TNA

Despite travel restrictions due to the pandemic, at the EUROCHAMP-2020 Coordination we have decided that user research projects could not stop.
This is why EUROCHAMP-2020 is launching a new opportunity for TNA remote access, in parallel to the physical access option, to support its user community and resume access to its facilities.
TNA projects based on remote access will keep the same evaluation criteria on science and technical quality, training opportunity, gender balance. Some additional criteria will be included, such as:

  • The solidity of the strategy for the deployment of the project remotely (organization between the local and the external staff, follow up from remote by the external team, etc.);
  • The capacity to include and adapt the training aspect;
  • The local staff availability to run the planned experiments without the participation of the guest team.

Applications for TNA remote access need to be discussed with the local staff of each chamber. Some support for instruments and sample shipping will be available upon request.

When to apply?

The call for TNA activities is continuous but the proposed projects shall be implemented by no later than August 2021.  

How to apply

In order to apply for access to one of our chambers, the procedure is the following:

  • Fill in the application form available here

  • Return the completed application form to the EUROCHAMP Project Office at eurochamp2020[at] at least 9 weeks before the beginning of your project. You will receive a reception acknowledgment from the office.