envri fair
16 Jun
17 Jun

Date and location Tuesday 16 - Wednesday 17 June 2020
Virtual Meeting
Aim  This meeting is organized within the context of ENVRI-FAIR.

The aim of the workshop is to focus on the implementation of FAIRness on RI level, discuss challenges and monitor progress of the work, and work towards demonstration of FAIRness.

To assist in this, core people from WP5 and WP7 are invited to the meeting.


Registration Registration is open at the following link until 5th June 2020

Local organiser: Cathrine Lund Myhre –  Cathrine.Lund.Myhre@nilu.no

Programme Meeting times:
Start: Tuesday 16 June at 10:00  
End: Wednesday 17 June at 12:15 

The agenda can be downloaded here.















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