13 Jan 2022

The Obs4clim Integrated Atmospheric Observing System project kicked off on 13 January 2022 in Toulouse for a duration of 8 years. The project, with a total cost of €32.6 million, is funded to the tune of €11.6 million by the French National Research Agency (ANR). It is coordinated by CNRS and involves 17 partner institutions.


OBS4CLIM is the joint effort for innovation of the three French components of the European Research Infrastructures (RI) in the atmospheric domain: the ESFRI Project ACTRIS, the ESFRI Landmark IAGOS, and the atmospheric component of ESFRI Landmark ICOS. OBS4CLIM develops a joint strategy for investment and service developments to reinforce the integration of “atmosphere RIs” and their synergies via e.g., innovation, joint utilization of equipment and harmonization of access conditions. OBS4CLIM federates the entire atmosphere community concerned at a national level, and will enable the three French mirror RIs (ACTRIS-FRANCE, IAGOS-FRANCE, ICOS-FRANCE) to respond to the new challenges posed for Earth observation and provide their users with qualified and relevant data sets, as well as innovative services.

View of the kick-off meeting