Ciao images
28 Jun 2022

CIAO (CNR- IMAA Atmospheric Observatory) located in Potenza , Southern Italy is providing since early 2000s high quality long term observations of aerosol and cloud properties through remote sensing observation systems such as lidars, radars, photometers and ceilometers.

In order to increase the knowledge on aerosol and related processes, it is important to combine the remote sensing data with in situ measurements.  The CIAO observatory in the recent years widened the instrumental set up in this direction  ( and is a candidate also as ACTRIS aerosol in situ national facility and ICOS Atmosphere Class1 station.

Some campaigns are planned in the next months for starting these integration activities, namely:

  • CIAO widlfire characterization campaign 1– 8 Aug – 4 Sep 2022
  • Winter season aerosol characterization at CIAO– 15 Nov – 15 Dec 2022
  • CIAO desert dust characterization campaign – Spring/Summer 2023

Interested people, like, but not limited to, researchers, students, companies, that want to join the team at CIAO for investigating aerosol and their effect, for learning about technics and methods, bringing instruments, or collaborating, can be funded through ATMO -ACCESS TNA program (  by 6th July.

Any other interesting idea for integration or study? CIAO is open to it and ATMO -ACCESS TNA program can fund your expenses.