AERONET-EUROPE TNA User Report Minimize

1. Project Information
Use the same project ref.n° as indicated on the Confirmation of Calibration document (AE...).
Indicate "Recurrent" only if the instrument has been calibrated under ACTRIS before.
Describe the short-term, medum and long-term objectives of the project, e.g., including the current research activities around the instrument motivating the need for calibration, including pertinent experiments / measurements / or modeling work.
Describe the main achievements obtained and possible impacts.

2. User Information

2.1 Project Group
Unless collaboration between different institutions (e.g., with users from outside Europe), indicate one user (= PI in charge of the instrument).

2.2 Project Group Leader
Indicate 'Yes' only if you (as PI) have never used the infrastructure for calibration before this TNA, otherwise check 'No'.
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